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Critical Strategies Group

Cyber Security

Critical Strategies Group offers a wide range of bleeding-edge security consulting services, with the necessary tools and expertise to help protect your organization.

As a longtime government contractor, we have insight into some of the most sophisticated, well-funded cyberattacks. Our cyber team has a unique view on the threat landscape and dedication to providing you with comprehensive and efficient cybersecurity. We focus on your critical security needs, while producing new ideas, developing effective security strategies, and designing world-class scalable solutions.

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Critical Strategies Group


Cybercrime To Cost The World $10.5 Trillion Annually By 2025.

Will your organization be the next big cyber breach news story of the day?

Critical Strategies Group exists to solve real world critical security issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of security services and consulting solutions to help organizations facilitate real change and achieve their vision while minimizing risk.

If we fail to demonstrate a serious security issue within your organization, you pay nothing.


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Penetration Testing

Our Red Team launches a multi-combined attack involving several facets of social engineering, physical penetration testing, application penetration testing and network penetration testing, all simultaneously.

Our RED TEAM approach is aimed at revealing real-world opportunities for malicious insiders or bad actors to be able to compromise all aspects of your organization in such a way that allows for unauthorized virtual and physical access to sensitive information, leading to up-to-date breaches

and full system/network compromise.


Objectives and Services.

  • Services and Network Exploitation

  • Security Gap Analysis

  • Social Engineering

  • Malware Rescue

  • Phishing Campaigns

  • Compliance / Infosec

  • Cyber Incident Response

  • Security Program Design

  • Employee Education and Training

  • Comprehensive and Actionable Reporting

  • Implementation and Security Training Programs

Server Installation

Network Monitoring

While constantly monitoring the health/reliability of your network and searching for trends, our monitoring system tracks and logs network parameters. These include data transmission rate (throughput), error rates, downtime/up-time, use-time percentages, and response time to user and automated inputs and requests. When predetermined parameter thresholds are reached, alarms are triggered and network fault management processes are initiated.

With years of real-world security experience, our security team has the capabilities and expertise to take your organization to the highest level of true bleeding edge secure network monitoring. Critical Strategies Group, combines our insights and skills to transform your processes and cybersecurity strategies, and in turn, your organization. With every passing minute, a growing number of hostile forces attempt to hack the proprietary and classified information of businesses, governments, and individuals. These cyberattacks are circumventing traditional perimeter protection and leveraging vulnerabilities in remote connections and open-source technologies to exploit sensitive data. We’re proud to help shape and improve our clients' cyber landscape while managing their cyber threat risk.


Mobile Devices and Networks

More and more users and organizations utilize smartphones to communicate. Users constantly communicate, plan and organize their work and private life activities through these mobile devices and associated networks. These technologies are causing profound changes in the organizations' information systems, and therefore they have become the source of new substantial risks to the users and the affiliated organization. Smartphones collect and compile an increasing amount of sensitive information to which access must be controlled to protect the privacy of the user, and the intellectual property of the organization.

Protect your organization from nefarious surveillance and cellular interceptions.

We provide cyber protection for mobile devices and the networks they access, with world-class mobile security for organizations and governments globally. The utility of commercial mobile devices is undeniable, but how to protect the sensitive information stored and accessed on those devices has been the real challenge. We create new methods to solve seemingly impossible problems, and fulfill mission-critical needs.

Our Secure Public Safety Communications Division

Ensure Unbreachable Connectivity for Public Safety Communications

In an era where digital threats loom larger with each passing day, the integrity of public safety communications remains paramount. Our Public Safety Secure Communications Division specializes in fortifying the LTR communication channels of law enforcement, emergency response teams, and other critical government public safety entities against sophisticated cyber threats. We offer a bespoke suite of high-security solutions designed to shield your sensitive communications from unauthorized interception and disruption.

Our Public Safety Comprehensive Risk Assessment's: Conduct thorough evaluations of your current LTR systems security posture, identifying potential vulnerabilities and formulating strategic enhancements to fortify your defenses.

Learn more about our professional and managed mobile security services to protect your sensitive data and networks.



The Security Need Evaluation And Knowledge group (SNEAK) is a global leader in the evaluation and analysis of in-place security equipment, systems, and policies.

The SNEAK group is not simply a security-consulting group. We conduct on site, real-life incursions, aimed at defeating or compromising your organization's security infrastructure and security systems.

The SNEAK group team members are highly skilled and experienced in the area of social engineering, intrusion and security compromise. The SNEAK group team members are experts in cyber hacking secured data, highly valued

property, and protected proprietary information theft.

Security companies will not disclose the shortcomings of their

equipment design and systems:
The SNEAK Group Will.
Security system providers will not challenge

their equipment and products:
The SNEAK Group Will.
Large security providers are not willing to advise their customers of technical problems and design flaws after they have sold and installed the systems:
The SNEAK Group Will.

Customer Service Rep


Our CMC centers are on duty 24/7 365 days-a-year.

In critical cyber situations, our security analysts will respond the same business day. Unlock the full potential of your public safety communication systems with unmatched security and reliability.

Connect with our experts to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs and challenges.

A cyber emergency in your organization? Not sure where to turn? Need help planning and executing your next critical cybersecurity project?

Let us guide you.

Critical Strategies Group is building for the future in today’s

rapidly evolving dangerous cyber environment.

We're always here for you with our 24/7 Secure Operations Center.

You're NOT safe from cyber-criminals.

True cybersecurity is not just an IT issue.

Let us demonstrate how vulnerable your organization truly is. 


What do you have to lose?

If we fail to find true, critical security vulnerabilities, you pay nothing.

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